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How To Get Over Your Ex… For Good

How To Get Over Your Ex… For Good

Most of us have been there. That person who at one stage you were convinced you would grow old with… suddenly becomes a stranger.

If you were the one who got dumped, it sometimes makes it much more difficult to move on.

Days stalking their Facebook become weeks. Eventually you see them meet someone else and you feel a dagger to the heart just as strong as when the break first happened.

There is a term for it… It’s called oneitis. Oneitis is when one person obsesses about an ex and thinks they’re the greatest person to walk the earth.

Common phrases used by oneitis sufferers include: “they’re the only guy for me!” & “but they’re different from all the other girls”.

Sometimes, the ex becomes 100x better and more perfect in your mind after you’ve split up.

  1. You forget the fact they used to talk about themselves in third person (major red flag).
  2. That annoying laugh that sounded like a hyperactive hyena suddenly becomes cute in your memory. It wasn’t, isn’t and never will be!
  3. You forget about their horrendous morning breath that smelled like satan’s armpit.
  4. You think back to the jokes that made you roll your eyes with contempt. But now you imagine them as a comedian on a stage bringing the audience to their knees in fits of laughter.

Well listen here.

Your ex sucks. And It’s time to stop. Right NOW!

We get it, it’s hard. So we’re going to take you gently by the hand and show you the steps to leave them and their snoring in the past.

STEP 1: Build A Big Fire

Take a look around your room. Does it resemble a shrine to them and your relationship? Aside from the fact it’s a little creepy, that stuff has to go!

So here’s the deal. Collect the ‘relationship memorabilia’ and take it to an outdoor space away from other stuff that is flammable. I used a… Erm, apparently a BBQ works well here.

Then set it all on fire and stand well back (at ilikeyou we recommend a safety first approach, kids).

Optional: You may, or may not yell obscenities at the fire as the memories burst into flames. Just don’t let your neighbours hear you!

STEP 2: Become A Social Butterfly

I once had a friend that couldn’t copy with being apart from his phone when his ex split up with him. (Yes, really. It was a friend, I promise)

He was so anxious about missing his ex’s call, that he wouldn’t leave the house. In fact, he wouldn’t even take a shower because of the irrational fear that he would miss her call.

Oh, and she never did call.

Meanwhile, he was ignoring his friends, and family. The people that really did care.

So see your family. Go out on the town with your friends. Surround yourself with the people that matter.

You now have time that you didn’t have before, so make the most of it!

STEP 3: The Best Way To Get Over Someone Is..

You have probably heard it said before…

“The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else!”

Now, while we aren’t necessarily recommending you follow that advice to the letter, the basic message holds true.

When you go out in the big wide world, go on dates, and meet cool new people.. You begin to think to yourself “You know what, my ex DID suck!”

STEP 4: Be The You That You Want To Be

Relationships have a habit of changing people. As the years past, it’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming the person that your ex wanted you to be.

You probably thought of 101 different things you wanted to do during that time.

Well, now is the PERFECT time to do them. Go… be free… explore!

So if you wanted to hike the Himalayas, skydive in South Africa, or even take mud wrestling classes (hey, whatever floats your boat, no judging here)… Do it!

The world is your oyster. This is just an opportunity to start a new and exciting chapter of your life!


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