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What Is Your Date’s Body Language REALLY Saying?

Our brains are wonderful things, and can subconsciously read other people regardless of the words they are saying.

Fun fact: Did you know that a huge 93% of communication is non-verbal?

That means 55% of your communication is based on your body language, and 38% is based on your tone of voice!

So next time, you are worrying about what to say, perhaps you should be thinking about how to say it….

Of course, we naturally know what the obvious body language signs are.

  • If your date yawns when you tell them you are a champion fisher – it’s probably best to cut that story short.
  • If you tell a joke and all you get is a ‘ha’ and a roll of the eyes, maybe it’s best to pay the bill and make a swift exit!

The problem is, while our subconscious minds are AMAZING at picking up on subtle pieces of body language, our conscious minds are constantly discrediting our gut instinct and overthinking things.

So while your gut instinct is telling you that the other person is into you, and you’re pondering going in for that first kiss… Your conscious mind is busy telling you of everything that can go wrong and trying to talk you out of it!

But here it is….. In glorious black and white. Use these handy tips so you can pick up on the tell tale signs that someone is ACTUALLY in to you!

The Eyes Tell A Story

This is probably the number one sign and the easiest one to read.

But it’s also something that people can become conscious of when they’re talking to you, so they try to correct it.

With that said, the best thing to do is look out for extremes.

Many people find it very difficult to maintain eye contact with someone they feel attracted to.

Often, to counteract this, they will force their gaze, and maintain obsessive eye contact because they feel their eyes are betraying them and giving away the signs!

Mirror Mirror

One of the sure ways of telling that your date is trying to establish a connection with you, is that their body language begins to mirror yours.

This is the brain’s way of building rapport and extends further than them just mirroring your actions.

It can also be their posture, their tone of voice, and also their talking pace.

However, we DON’T recommend you suddenly start talking really fast while making dramatic movements to test this theory!

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

This is a demonstration of positive body language, and is very easy to pick up on.

If your date is leaning towards you and their face, chest and feet are pointing towards you, it generally means that they are a fan!

Of course, there is a contrast to this, which is even easier to read.

If they are leaning away, have their arms crossed, or form a barrier between you both with something like a bag. Well…. You probably won’t be finding out what their bedroom looks like any time soon!

The Truth About Smiling

How do you know whether your date ACTUALLY finds your jokes funny, or is just being polite?

We’re all programmed to respond in certain ways in certain situations. We know we have to smile or laugh in certain situations to be polite.

But the difference between a polite smile, and a genuine smile of happiness is easy to recognise.

Fake smiles are a mouth only action. Whereas a real smile is symmetrical and will produce creates around the eyes and mouth!

One last piece of advice.



For the love of god.

DO NOT sit there like a psychiatrist analysing the other person’s behaviour and forget to be fun, be natural and be yourself.

If all else fails – rely on your gut instinct, it’s usually right 🙂